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hva så?

Er der nogle herinde der kan BATTLE??...lad os lave en konkurrence?
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yes the boy's got skills
yes the boy's that ill
but i dont need blue or red pills
to know that im the chosen one like neo
but i aint no hero
im jus the best mc out of the p-o
i can see the future better than cleo
any nigga battle me is gonna be seeing lots of zeros
but not on there checks
but more like they records
its gonna be like 0 and 10
to the point they dont wanna battle me again
cuz assasin is takin no L's
fuck satan im the reason god made hell
for killin niggas so well
but oh well
i have no remorse or apology
im just a lyrical prodigy
so logically
when i spit my philosophy
niggas wanna disect my flows like biology
but my flow aint like the school of house rock
its more like the school of hard knocks
and f*ck 60 u aint selling them hard rocks
u jus sellin yo body on them night blocks
but go head do yo thing fag i aint tryin to c0ck block
assasin is gonna remain hot till my clock stops
cuz everything i drop no one can top that

im feeling this keep it coming my nigs peace im out.

(my personal fave.).....comments
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Hvad ehm....?

Keder du dig ret meget eller hvad?
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