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The Europe Meets Russia Conference

Call for Applications
The Europe Meets Russia Conference- A Forum for Young Leaders
“Political, Economic and Cultural Trends in the European-Russian Partnership“
(Berlin, April 24th - 27th, 2012)
On behalf of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, I am writing to bring to your attention the following program hosted by us in partnership with other leading organizations.
Europe Meets Russia: A Forum for Young Leaders (EMR) is a network of young, dynamic, and influential individuals from across the world, that have an interest in the European-Russian relationship. The program has been developed in recognition of the importance of the relationship between Russia, Europe, and the global political system.
Individuals can join the EMR Forum by taking part in one of the EMR Weeklong Seminars that are held in Berlin every 4-6 months. Each EMR Weeklong Seminar will be focused on a specific theme related to European-Russian relations and the goals of the Forum.
The forthcoming EMR Weeklong Seminar will focus in particular on the following theme:
“Political, Economic and Cultural Trends in the European-Russian Partnership
The Weeklong Seminar will include lectures, seminars, and workshops led by experts from the fields of politics, academia, and civil society, as well as cultural and social activities.
The seminar provides an excellent opportunity for young people to expand their knowledge of current and future developments in these fields, meet with current and former key cultural players and politicians, build sustainable networks with each other, and experience the rich and diverse cultural life of the city of Berlin.

To apply please visit:
Further information is found under: www.icd-emr.org
For enquiries, please contact us at: info@culturaldiplomacy.org
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