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Planetside (Online FPS)

First person shooter krig mod andre over nettet ;)
Download 30-day trial og kom i gang. Det er personligt det fedeste spil, jeg nogensinde har prøvet.
Game Specific Features:
Massively multiplayer first person action game
Wage war with thousands in a persistent global conflict of unprecedented scale
Player roles to fit the situation: join a team to conquer territory, fortify a base against attack, or support any offensive or defensive maneuver
Character development and advancement through ranks
Team tactical combat for control of planetary regions, with real-time territory control updates
Seamless worlds on a massive scale with large indoor environments
The ten continents of Auraxis™ are hostile and active
Real-time weather and environmental factors
Full team support
Vehicle physics and flight model
"Instant Action" mode--a quick and easy way to get into the thick of battle
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