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hi. i am married to a dane, and these days it seems as if he is out of control. we dont have much economy we are both in school so we depend on SU he just stopped going to school. started back smoking plays computer games all day and it seems like i always have to be the responsible one in the marrige. i hate having to live wondering if we are getting enough money at the end of the month, or having to sacrifice so much that we can never go to dinner or order in some food or for me to buy a new peice of clothing or a decent cupbord for our house. we cannot afford cigerettes yet spends the money with no concern and i am really getting tired of it. we have only been married for 1 year. and i am sometimes ready to just pack it up and go home, i had a good job my own house and car in my country i did not come to denmark to benifit from it i came out of love for this guy but sometimes i feel tired and i miss having some sort of stability in my life, i want a man not a boy.. and it seems like thats what i have and i am tired talking about it. and trying to be supportive and understanding but it seems to be going no where.. he begs me to stay and keep promising to change but maybe i feel its not happening fast enough and the change is only for two short a time.. its like one step forward and two steps backward. i just dont know what to do anymore.. i love my husband and i want this marrige to work.. but he is making it really hard.. on me... please help me.. what should i do.
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I know what you meen

If it was me, I would give him a choise: his marrige or his lazy sort of life. I know what you meen I have tried the same. My ex husbond promised to get out and look for a job nearly every morning but when I came home, he stil was sitting infront of the tv in his dirty shirt, smoking cigarets and drinking beer. And you're rigth, it cost a lot af money.
My ex husbond did not wont to take a choice so I did it for him. Goodbey merrige and hello tho the life. You are to good to him and I don't belive he really will chance, maybe for a time but he will get bach to the lazy life as long as you are making everything in the house. You ar not a vife, you are a housekeeper.
Så get out and enjoy the life, the real one is waiting, the man who cares for you.
Good luck.
I hope you understood, my english is not så good :-)
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thank you

thank you mrs x. it was very informative and your english was also very good way better than my danish. i gave him up till the end of this year if he dont shape up i am going to ship out.
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Good luck

Dear Desperate
Good luck with your life. I hope you are taking the right choise.
Love from Ex.Mrs.
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dont put up with it!!!

Why is it that certain women put up with such men???
I say DON´T
Don´t put up with that such of attitude, and expect from hin and for your selv that the person you are together with treats you with so much respekt and love, that YOU ARE WORTH!
No man, is allowed to treat me that way, for me it is easy....my way or the highway.....no man shall screw my life up,,,,and neither should it be like that for you,,,,,,get out of it, dont wait till the end of the year....just get out, and believe me you will be happy with your decision,,,,
To another point, your husband is getting su but he dropped out of school? then he is not allowed those money, secondly.....why dont you get a job??? if the money is small? there is always work, if a person wants to work,,,,that is my experience.
So actually i think you are both equally in the wrong, ang u mught even deserve eachother.
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