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Maybe today
Poison like the air we breath in
This complicated world we weave
Spins around, pulls us down
This life we lead is overrated
Mixed up, fucked up
That's the way
So they say
And all we ever need
Is a chance to be
Freedom lies beneath reality
Find a way
Maybe today
And all the fairytales and fantasies
Can we find a way where we can be free?
Underneath the way we feel
We've lost ourselves between what's real
No lost and found
We're broken down
Take a piece of someone's dreams
They're never simple as it seems
They're thrown away
Like yesterday
All we ever need
Freedom lies beneath reality
Just find a way
Oh maybe it's today
All the fairytales and fantasies
Can we find a way
Where we can be free?
Find a way today
We all will be alone
If this house is not a home
It won't be too long before the air is gone
The love that lonely people crave
Follows them into their grave
We should never leave them lonely
All we ever need
Freedom lies beneath
Find a way (find a way)
Al the fairytales and fantasies
That you need is within
Find a way today
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.... og hvad er din pointe.... Hvad skal vi debatere.
Vil du kede resten af din omverden med poesi.
Mvh Jacob
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Du er nok mavesur IGEN her til morgen hva´?
SuperDebat.dk er det tidligere debatforum på SOL.dk, som nu er skilt ud separat.