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Denmark beats Norway

Denmark beats Norway in terms of income:

Denmark is in front and in terms of wealth it beats Sweden, Finland, Iceland and even the rich oil country Norway.
In fact, no other Nordic country defeats Denmark in the race for the highest income and most money for spending, writes Berlingske Tidende.
Norway’s total production and gross domestic product per habitant is 30 per cent higher than Denmark’s and 44 per cent higher than Sweden’s. But at large part of the Norwegian oil money is saved in special oil- and pension funds and is not part of Norwegian economy.
That is why the Danes have higher income and the possibility of spending more money than the Norwegians.
These are the findings in the newly published statistics yearbook for the North.
In the comprehensive work of reference about the North is says that a typical Danish family between 45 and 65 of age have about DKK 207,000 for spending per year. It is more than 6000 kroner more than a comparable Norwegian family.
As an oil producing country Norway has a gigantic money tank but Denmark has larger pension funds at among others ATP, LD, Danica, PFA Pension and Nordea Liv & Pension.
The publisher, Frank Dahlgaard, is also documenting that Denmark is more competitive that Norway when a number and factors are compared.
A benchmark of the education level, the infrastructure, the number of strikes, wages etc. puts Switzerland in top as the most competitive country in the world. Denmark is number four whilst Norway is no. 12.
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