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Dear British

Dear British,
There you go again with your fascist state.
You have described yourself as an academic, but your missing ability to see the diversity in theme of integration/ immigration makes me honestly doubt your academic credentials. Anyway please define the word fascist and then explain how all Danes can become fascists just by living in Denmark?
Have you consider the fact that you are actually promoting hatred against a whole nation regardless of sex, age, religion or political orientation? If that doesn’t make you a fascist what does?
Another thing that makes me wondering if you are making most of your postings up are your focusing on all the positive sides of UK. You don’t seem to realise that the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh doesn’t have much good to say about the English, but since it doesn’t make much sense calling them nigger it’s not a problem.
What you don’t seem to realise is that in Denmark. The politicians have had the courage to say we have a civilised society and we will not allow the laws/traditions from less civilised countries to become dominant in Denmark. Ex. The government has increased the age for girls to married to a foreign to 24 years (I can already heard you yelling “FASCIST GOVERMENT”), but take 30 sec to consider the background. Each year numerous women of other ethnical background as Danish seek protection from violent husband, because they have been victims of domestic violence. Often these women are born and have live their whole life in Denmark, but due tradition married to someone from their native country (spouse selected by parents). The culture background of these modern women and someone coming from a farming community with little or none education and very strong religious belief is simply to far apart. These women become victims because they have integrated and become civilised.
Have anyone in your civilised country had the courage to raised this question?
Have you not – in your completely misunderstood humanism – neglected the fact that many immigrants (especially the men) wants to keep their not civilised manners/traditions from their native country?
The present Danish Government has had the courage to start the debate on immigration and make controversial legislation where other countries are turning the blind eye hoping the problem will solve it self.
Maybe you should have a good look at what makes your country civilised and then think about how to make it stay that way. That’s what we have done in Denmark.
BTW the first known war crime in terms of bombings of civilians was when the British fleet attracted Copenhagen in 1807, so if you have you will then we better start taking shelter since the civilised British are coming waging war at us again.
May your god be with you
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Lets take a look at the british people!

Hello British.
First of all let med quote you from an earlier question:
"- You end by saying what I am writing is 'stupid' - that aggressive tendency is part of what I was talking about. If you fell different why not just put your arguments in a civilised way?"
Who are you to judge what behaviour is aggressive?
Do you watch football? or the news? ... let med show you a link:
That is what i will describe as being aggresive behaviour... and it happens again and again AND AGAIN!
Today a total of 44 british fans has been send home because of violent behaviour!
http://www.ekstrabladet.dk/VisArtikel.iasp?PageID=253078 (Danish article).
So before you pick on the danish people, take a good look at your own country.
You also claim that yor point of view is being shared by the whole world! ... hmm... No its not!
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