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Odds Service "no profit, no pay"

I am a professionel gambler who makes money, by selecting picks from the world of sport. I have done it for a couple of years now and therefore I would like to make a small service were you can buy my picks.
My produckt is simple. Its picks from mainly cycling, icehockey and sometimes bandy.

I will be using the unit system. Where 1 unit is the lowest and 10 units is the highest to invest in a single bet.
I will only be providing single bets and no doubles or systems of any kind.
I don’t have a record showing my picks and results on a website but I would like to ensure you that I can make money on sportspicks. I will send you my private records for this year, in a mail, if you don’t think my word is good enough.
Because I know I can produce a profit on sportspicks, I have made an offer you simply cannot refuse.
Heres my offer to you: If you haven’t made at least 1 unit in profit in the month you are enrolled, then my service is free.
Example: If I make 0.5 unit in profit in july, you don’t have to pay, because its to low a profit. Its simply not good enough. If I make 1 unit or more in profit, you have to pay 50 euros for the current month. That’s reasonable don’t you think.

My “no profit, no pay” solution, gives the customer all the benefits and me all the risks.
You can sign up for the service at any time, but you have to wait for the 1st of the next month to start getting picks. So if you sign up the 15th of july you will have to wait to the 1st of August, to start getting tips. But don’t worry, I will save your Email and by the 1st you will automatically get picks from me.
The picks will be sent to you by mail and I will not make a short, because I want to get the picks out as fast as possible, so you don’t miss out on great value in the picks.
You can pay with mooneybookers or with paypal. When you have made profit on my bets and shall pay the 50 euros, you have to pay the amount before the 3rd.

If you prefer a different payment method we can discuss it over mail.

So if you want to take advantage of this offer, please contact me on this mail: moneypicks@hotmail.com.
If you have any question at all, you can also contact me on moneypicks@hotmail.com
Looking forward to doing business with you
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