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Forskel i elektronisk musik ?????

Der er jo forskellige genrer inden for elektronisk musik. Nogen af dem flyder sikkert over i hinanden, men hvad er ellers forksellene på f.eks stilarter som techno, clubbing, house, dancehall etc... ??
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prøv her

siden er lavet i flash. kanon lavet..
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her er noget af det

Euro-trance - Much of what is labeled today as 'trance' is eurotrance. Binary Finary's '1998' is a good example, also is Taucher's water. Also called melodic trance, since not all of it is made in Europe.

Progressive trance - This is tricky. Used to be 'progressive' was used to differentiate a type of trance from goa(essentially 'eurotrance'). But now, 'progressive' has come to mean non-melodic, more banging, deeper, and often darker trance. And it's often used without trance after it (just 'progressive').

Goa Trance - Fairly melodic, often has a certain driving sound which I can't quite describe, somewhat trippy . IMHO, A good example would be Acidphase IV's "We Are Back", but stuff like Juno Reactor is also apparently goa. Paul Oakenfold used to play Goa a lot, but has moved away from it of late. The best known example would be the Man With No Name's stuff (most of it), also Hallucinogen, Pablo Gargano (aka Eve)

Psy Trance - Very similar to goa, but as I've heard it defined, is less 'ethnic' ('asian' or 'Indian') sounding. I'd say it's a bit harsher, less melodic, and more experimental than goa. Electric Universe - "Stardiver". Infected Mushroom seems to be a very popular psy-trance artist. Also Shpongle. Astral Projection may be Psy-trance, or may be goa.

Acid Trance - Features the unqiue, 'wormy' sound of a Roland 303 synth in a trance format. A lot of goa and psy also feature that sound. Tilt - "What's This"

Uplifting Trance - Not really a specific musical style so much as attitude, uplifting trance is positive, and can have a pleasant effect on you. Lange = "I Believe" or Kamaya Painters "Endless Wave"

Dark Trance - The opposite of the above. Dark and brooding, and is often deep as well. Sasha's "Arkham Asylum" is a pretty good (I think) example of dark trance. Also Sosa's "The Wave."

Epic Trance - not often used, but when a song is really really , well, big, it can be described as such. The Tiesto Mix of "Delerium's Silence" is probably the best exaple.

Hard Trance - trance with a harder edge to it. (For lack of a better definition). Christopher Lawrence generally plays Hard Trance. Can be melodic or progressive. Prizm & Eclipse's "Genesis" is a great example of melodic hard trance. Nick Sentience's "Sentience" is a good example of hard progressive trance (though his stuff borders on tech-trance)

Vocal trance - generally just trance with singing in it. Usually a woman. Vocal trance is generally uplifting, but can be dark as well. Chakra - "Love Shines Through" (uplifting), Elan - "Find Your Way" (Van Gough Blissed Mix) (sad). Often used with melodic trance, but can also be used with more progressive stuff, like in Cass & Slide's Perception.

Dutch trance - trance from the Netherlands has sort of a unique style. Just about everything by DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten quality as Dutch trance. The "In Trance We Trust" series is also mostly Dutch trance. Vimana - "We Came" is an excellent example of excellent Dutch trance

German trance - Like Dutch trance, German trance tends to have a semi-unique sound used in it's synths. DJ Mind-x is a good example. Also Taucher.

"Cheesy" trance - a somewhat derogatory reference to overly sappy or forumalic trance. Often applied to the work of Ferry Corsten, (Most would say System F's "Out of the Blue" is cheesy), but is also applied to virtually everything a person doesn't like, or is no longer the in thing. I've seen 'cheesy' applied to Goa, everything ever played by Paul Oakenfold, and even (and not me, honestly, someone else) Sasha & Emerson's Scorchio.

Breakbeat trance - Basically, it's just trance only with a broken beat (like found in breakbeat). Instead of the being regular 4/4 (thump thump thump thump), it's thump thump thump-thump thump, or thump thump _____ thump). Best example is the Tekara remix of Mike Koglins Silence. Most of Hybrid's stuff is breakbeat trance. Also, Talisman and Hudson "Leaving Planet Earth". 'Funkier' than regular trance.

Tech-trance - sort of an unholy cross between techno and trance. Someone who likes it should write a better description and example. Very similar to 'progressive.'

Classical trance - basically a reworking (or remixing) of classical music (or classical sounding music) into trance. Examples include: Aria - Dido, William Orbit - Barber's Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten mix), Spiritual Project - O Fortuna, Mike Koglin - O Fortuna, or Lumanaire - Flower Duet. There's also 'opera' trance which is pretty much the same, since the difference between opera and choral classical music is in how many people are singing - several (choral) or a few fat people (opera).

Pop Trance - Pop trance is basically a somewhat watered down version of euro trance. Often is gimmicky. Examples are ATB's 9pm ('Til I come), Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone", and a lot of the Vengaboys stuff.
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super, tak :0)

det var også lidt dig jeg tænkte på, da jeg skrev indlægget. Du er jo en af musikeksperterne her :0)
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halli hallo

det avr en ordentlig masse du havde fundet til mig der. Det er jeg rigtig glad for, takker mange gange :0)
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