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You are

my secret longing, all around you blow -
in trees, along the shore
making me "all nude" naked in night SUN -
Lust beating pounding wynds of Lust
A ray of bed
Ohh sweet rough touches of YOUR hands
changes me into wet,
you make me give,
with no regrets...
Liquid light flows in your eyes
Magic in an endless sea...
Devour me, eat me
creation of forever, in minutes, in between
in FLESH with a hint of small french death
My love - our time is runnin´
wisdom is cunnin
Forever an illusion against my will
Who said it was easy
to be another persons personal thrill
I give my soul unto your desire
reaching for the sky
I wonder will you ever dare to fly
with ME, higher and higher
Silence becomes your tower
of resillient strength and power,
unto me unto me
in truth what giveth ye?
I sit alone, like still water
of a maker - runnin deep,
none a friend holds resolution
it is beneath my skin
that iknow you are my most valued kin...
You are the one I love
someone else is loving me,
So i be the clever one and let you go
My love my love so free
to pursue the true life of love - in YOU...
Tears are my own estate
in this matter of final thought
wishes spoken then broken
like fragile coloured venetian glass
You are the white grains of sand
in my hands, the candlelight flame
I cannot touch, the hissing fire in a dream
that will tantalize and surely burn me to a crisp
The choice is all mine.....so i ask
how come freedom evades me
so i ask for the choice is mine....
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