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Inden du tager din hævn for utroskab...

...har du nogle beviser? Her en lille vittighed..
Peter woke up one morning. He got out of bed and walked his way to the kitchen where he found his wife, Patty. Lately, she hadn't exactly been speaking a lot to him. It was as if the romance had gone. He had been wondering if she had an affair. She had been talking on the phone some times, and when he came into the room...she looked as if she had been hiding.
Amyhow, he finished his meal and went to work. At work, his secretary greeted him with a smile this morning - and it just saved it all. Peter smiled back, and he recognized him old self again.
As if tis wasn't enough, his secretary noticed that he was feeling a little down today. So she asked him, just 5 minutes before the day at work was over...if he didn't want to come home to her place and relax a little?
John thought to him self...why the heck not? He wasn't looking forward to coming home to his wife right now, so he went along.
They arrived at her house and they went inside. They sat on the couch and talked for a few minutes and she then asks him: "why don't you sit here for a little while - while I slip into something more comfortable?"
John nodded and was feeling quite OK with this. So his secretary left the room and he sat there for a few...and then decided! His wife hadn't been nice lately, and he was convinced that she was having an affair. So why not make it even?
All of the sudden, the door opens and John saw all of his collegues come into the room...and his wife was wearing the cutest bunny-costume he had ever seen...with the text "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on her chest.
The party did kinda die though...when they saw Peter sitting naked on the couch...
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